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Lerntipps auf Englisch

Schon so vielen Jahren sind zahlreiche Lerntipps ins Spanische übersetzt worden, nun wurden sie auch in wesentlichen Teilen auch ins Englische übertragen:

The Secrets of the Time Masters – Master of Time

 Give your brain detention!

 The learning machine

 A Pupil’s Afternoon

Get to the bottom of your teacher!

The learning poster: Advertise against mistakes!

Tables up to ten

 Cool Confucius guys

 I have a memory like a goldfish!

How do reading professionals read?

What is the capital of …

Hopefully I’ll find something on the Internet …

Send the learning material on its way …

Fear eats up thoughts …

Dominik’s nightmare

Learning with the computer

The formula for learning success

„Today I just can’t concentrate!“

Learning while walking

Help your eyes to see!

The best exam preparation: “Watch the flowers grow!”

Pack the material in lumps!

Non vitae, sed scholae discimus!

Running After Vocabulary!

Who will become a knowledge millionaire?

Weblog – The logbook for internet surfers

How do school professionals start the new school year?

Gap learning against learning gaps

“No learning tip” or “Georg under the bell”

Management for school?

Trojan Language School – The Schliemann Method

The inner clock

 The speaker’s fear of the audience

Warming up the brain

The wizard’s study tips

Travel preparations for the brain

How do I prepare a presentation?

„Go ahead!“ or „I can do it!“

 The student’s etiquette